Wendie's Wonders, Of Course! offers a charm school for girls to learn creative, feminine etiquette practices as they develop.  Our "Charm School" is designed to assist our young ladies with modeling a more feminine image. 

Our program will introduce our girls to a variety of cultural etiquettes that will enhance their femininity and social graces as they mature.  Some educational components will be a part of the program as well as eliminating some inappropriate behavioral traits.
(Females: 8 - 17 years of age.)

Our Courses are linked to State Standards:

  • Poise, Posture, Walking, Sitting, Social Conversations, Phone Etiquette, Tea Parties.
  • Manners at home and in public, Real Life Group Discussions, Hygiene, Grooming.
  • Restaurant Etiquette, Table Settings, Food Preparation, Historical Connections.
  • Self-Confidence, Voice and Grammar, First Impressions, 2 Field Trips.



After completion of seminar, a Cotillion will be the culminating event in a "Ballroom" setting.  Tickets will be sold.  Our girls will be introduced as "Debutantes" and graduates of the Wendie's Wonders, Of Course! Charm School, and ready to cultivate their social success with respect.  To assure there is no costly burden, minimal fund raising events will be planned to make this economically feasible for our girls.



Wendie’s Wonders, Of Course! (WWOC!) is a non-profit company.  The services that this company will provide for inner city and disadvantaged south suburban young ladies are:  employing the unemployable and offering a social etiquette program to enhance their status in society.  This business plan will describe the need for such a program “a Charm School for Girls” and the urgency of such a program for low income females.  As a certified teacher for the Chicago Public Schools system for over 20 years, I have a commitment to offer my expertise back to my community. 

There is a need for social cultural learning that is lacking in the inner city community and south suburban community.  I have a B.A. Degree in Political Science and an M.S. Degree in Criminal Justice Counseling, both from Chicago State University. I also hold 2 certificates, one from Cleo Johnson’s School of Charm-class located on the southside of  Chicago, and one from Etiquette-Network located in Pekin Illinois. 

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If you would like to make a Donation to help sponsor a young lady for this upcoming and fantastic Image Elaborations Network of WWOC - A few essentials include:  Jewelry Beads package (Tools), Food Preparation and Tea Party Favorites.  If you are interested in sponsoring a young lady, please drop me an email at WENDIESWONDERS@YAHOO.COM

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